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Special Symbols

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Belly Badges

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Belly Badge Necklace

Main article: Belly Badge Necklace

Star Butterfly's/Mewni's Royal Wand

Main article: Star Butterfly's Wand

Thomas Simpson's/Goodland Royal Wand

Thomas Simpson's Wand, also known as the Goodland Royal Wand is a wand that belongs to Thomas Simpson and use to belong to The Great Queen, it transforms in a different form when a different character holds it. Thomas is given the wand in Royal Life.

Dimensional/World Scissors


Dimensional/World Scissors are dimension-jumping devices, mostly used by Star Butterfly or the Mewmans on Mewni. A friend of The Prince found a pair in The 3rd Dimension, and asked for the Prince to use them to find out about The Magic Dimension. The Prince ended up in Greenpatch, and lost the scissors in a river.

The handles can be various different colours; Star's are red and King Butterfly's are sliver.

Thomas Simpson's Watch

Thomas Simpson's Watch is a watch that can make calls and alert him of enemies.


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