"The Tram Engine Who Could" is the sixth episode of The Thomas Simpson Show.


The plot for this episode is unknown.




  • Thomas Muller as The Characters
  • Rob Rackstraw as Toby (Stock Audio)
  • John Hasler as Thomas The Tank Engine (Stock Audio)
  • Teresa Gallagher as Annie (Stock Audio)
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie (Stock Audio)
  • Scott McNeil as Grumpy (Stock Audio)
  • Ashleigh Ball as Oopsy (Stock Audio)


  • Oopsy has a flashback that uses edited stock footage from "All You Need Is..."
  • Stock footage and audio is used from Sodor's Legend Of The Lost Treasure
  • Stock audio is used from "All You Need Is..."
  • This is the second episode footage from the model era of Thomas & Friends
  • This episode reviles Grumpy's ringtone is the Adventures In Care-A-Lot theme song.
  • The title is a reference to the book The Little Engine Who Could.
  • The events of James Coming Through! are mentioned.
  • The episode only has Thomas & Friends and Care Bears characters making it the first episode that uses only characters from two shows.
  • The episode was originally titled "The Ryan Who Could." However, Thomas decided to center it on Toby instead, renaming it to "The Tram Engine Who Could."


  • Oopsy has Percy's voice.


The Tram Engine Who Could

The Tram Engine Who Could